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Living in Limbo

When we first signed up for Life at Sea’s 3 Year World Cruise, we knew it wouldn’t be smooth sailing. The parent company has been running short sails in the Aegean Sea for around 30 years, but this is a brand-new product that hasn’t been attempted before. We signed up to be guinea pigs and we went in know that it might not actually come to fruition and if it did, it would be a bumpy ride. With only 7 months between launching the product and the inaugural sail it was a tight timeline to begin with and it was further complicated when Life at Sea announced they were planning to purchase a ship specifically for this cruise. They were supposed to take possession of the new ship at the end of September with a month to refit the vessel in drydock before our sail date.

Unsurprisingly, not everything has gone according to plan. The transfer of ownership has been delayed and as a result, our new tentative sail date is November 30th. So, for now we are headed back to Calgary to freeze while we wait patiently with our fingers and toes crossed that everything falls into place, and we get to embark on this trip of a lifetime.

And if it doesn’t? Well, we’ll do what we do best and change our plans. I’m sure Mike will come up with some other crazy adventure for us. Luckily, we have plenty of friends and family willing to take us in. We have no home, no car, and no winter clothes, but I suppose that’s just another part of the adventure. We could have traveled to Istanbul and waited there, but we’ve chosen to stay in North America until they can at least confirm ownership of the new vessel.

Any thoughts on a plan B? Or is it C at this point? Wish us luck! And warmer weather!


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