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Join us as we explore the world, chasing experiences to help us grow and marveling at what mother nature has to offer.

About Us


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

We are a Mike and Amy Moore, a young retired couple set on seeing the world.  Mike and I have been together for over 20 years and love to explore new places.

We wanted a place to share our adventures and capture our memories, so we've started a Blog!

Come along with us and explore the world!

Past, Present, Future


I figure the best way to start is usually from the beginning, but don't worry...I'll be brief.  Mike and I met on a Via Rail passenger train in December of 2002.  I was travelling to Manitoba to spend Christmas with my father and he was headed home to Saskatchewan to see his family for the holidays.  We talked for hours and just before Mike's stop I asked him for his email address.  He was a few years older; though certainly not wiser, and I really had no intention of reaching out.  However, I spent some time with a good friend who poked and prodded until I added him on MSN chat.  Best decision of my life!

We met again in person in February 2003 and decided to try and make a go of it.  Long story short...we're still going strong.  Life has thrown several curveballs at us, but we kept moving forward together.  Every day I'm grateful to have my best friend by my side each step of the way.


We retired in May of 2022 and spent the winter exploring the North Island of New Zealand.  Details of our journey since retirement can be found in our blog. Currently, we are putting the pieces together for our next crazy adventure.  We are selling our motorhomes (both in Canada and New Zealand) and downsizing our belongings...again.  This summer is all about catching up with family and friends.  We have plans to road trip out to Manitoba and BC.


To be determined...

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