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London, England

A Whirlwind Tour

In keeping with our new favourite mode of travel, we took the train from Paris to London.  It wasn’t quite as plush as the train from Toulouse to Paris and had way less leg room, but still better than flying.  To be fair we booked first class seats on the other trains, but we blew our transportation budget for February, so we booked second class seats on the Eurostar. We arrived at St Pancras station in London and wow…what a building.  It is absolutely stunning on the outside, quite the welcome to London. 

We were staying only a 10-minute walk from the train station, so that was great.  Unfortunately, we have other plans, so we only had 2 days in London.  Mike made sure we made the most of it.  In our 2 days we walked 37 kilometers and took over 50,000 steps, but we managed to see all the highlights.  We didn’t take the time to go into any of the landmarks this time around, but at least we got to see them up close.  Of course, there are a million other places we would have loved to see, but my feet couldn't take anymore. Below is a slide show of the places we saw; click on the photo to go to full screen and use the arrow on the right to scroll through.

We definitely need more time in London, so we’ll have to plan to come back at some point.  Compared to other places we've been recently, London was quite expensive; so we'll have to wait until the budget allows for a longer visit. We knew we wouldn’t get to see much in 2 days, but that’s just how it worked out.  We are scheduled for back-to-back pet sits again further north so really; we were just passing through.  Looking forward to a more in depth visit in the future.


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Love all your posts!!! Wish I was with you guys!!!

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